Arrow – Season 2, Episodes 1-2

Oh man, it's been a minute. Remember back when I would occasionally talk about TV shows? I mean sure, I did wrap up Centaurworld after coming back from my hiatus, but it's been a year since I last talked about Arrow. Similar to how my work schedule has made it hard to watch movies while giving me time to read comics on the clock, squeezing in a 42 minute TV episode isn't too difficult. And so I'm continuing my coverage of the expansive Arrowverse! But first, a recap of season 1.


The Suicide Squad (2021)

So my plan was to see The Suicide Squad in theaters. I had some friends lined up, we had the date all planned out, then a COVID scare dashed all our plans. This is the unfortunate world we live in, highlighted also in the fact that this fun movie is considered a box office bomb during its second week because a majority of people don't feel safe in a theater yet. I'm not sure what movies are actually thriving right now, but maybe new metrics will be needed to judge movies during this post-pandemic pandemic. Where was I? Right, The Suicide Squad, emphasis on "The!"

Arrow – Season 1, Episodes 21-23

We're finally here, the ending of Arrow's first season. It's hasn't been as wild a ride as later seasons get, but then again this season does end with a rich asshole destroying the poor part of town, thinking he's in the right. That's some pretty big supervillainy with a dab of social commentary. This wrap up is going to be a bit on the longer side, so strap in. And if you're emotional, grab some tissues because not everyone is making it out of this alive.

Arrow – Season 1, Episodes 18-20

Remember when I talked about episodes of Arrow? It's understandable if you thought I had forgotten, since the last time was three weeks ago. But now that Loki is over I'll have to post something on Saturdays, so getting back into the groove and finishing off Arrow season 1 sounds like a pretty good idea. This batch of episodes introduces John Diggle's future wife as well as having two different love triangles involving Oliver, so let's warm up with a recap of the season so far!

Arrow – Season 1, Episodes 15-17

We're back with more Arrow episodes! Last time we got to meet Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke, someone who is destined to become one of Oliver's best friends, but also one of his worst enemies. Not to be outdone, this batch of episodes introduces Green Arrow's long time sidekick, Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow, someone who will almost appear in every season of the show. It's a big deal for me because he's one of my favorite underrated characters, and while he's straight, his actor is gay. Happy Pride Month!

Arrow – Season 1, Episodes 13-14

You would think that with a goal of "get through all the Arrowverse series before the heat death of the universe" that I wouldn't skip weeks, or have posts that only cover two episodes. I even have a spreadsheet of how I imagined I would bundle the episodes, and today's post was supposed to include one more. But life happens--Sunday posts are not guaranteed to help with sanity, and sometimes I just have enough to say about two episodes that trying to cram a third one would add too much bloat. Certainly doesn't hurt that episode 13 has Oliver Queen meeting Slade Wilson, a major enough character that he gets his own paragraph!

Arrow – Season 1, Episodes 10-12

It's the weekend, which means more of me rambling about Arrow episodes! I know that June is Pride Month and the show at this point has little to no queer representation, but I'd already started this project before June and I'm reviewing queer movies on weekdays, so lemme have this little break. Last we saw, Oliver Queen got absolutely trounced by an assassin revealed (to us, not Oliver) to be Malcolm Merlyn, the first season's big bad. Where does this main plot go in these episodes? Not really anywhere super noteworthy, but that's the nature of long-running shows: not every episode can further the metaplot in a meaningful way.

Arrow – Season 1, Episodes 7-9

Welcome back to me talking about Arrow, a thing I still haven't come up with a cute name for yet. This batch of episodes wraps up with episode 9, the midseason break. Is that something I have to explain? Just in case, way back in the Before Times, weekly TV shows often took a break for a month or so around the middle of a season to give the actors and creators a little break. Usually it'd end on a cliffhanger, and this sort of has one!

Arrow – Season 1, Episodes 2-4

Welcome back to me talking about Arrow season 1! Last time we talked about the pilot episode where we learned that Oliver Queen was shipwrecked on an island for five years, has recently come back home, and is a superhero vigilante on the downlow. With the pilot out of the way and a couple plot threads for the season already showing, the next couple episodes build up the main characters. But this is a show for the CW network, so there will be action sequences to go with over the top drama. So, pretty much like a comic book.