Butt Boy (2019)

So, uh… hey. How you doin’? Well, I’m doing just fine! I lied, I’m dying inside. Sorry there hasn’t been a post on this blog since… October? Holy hell. I burned out real hard, got super stressed at work, and now I’m in the process of moving! So sadly there hasn’t been that much time or energy to keep this blog up to date. I’m hoping once the move is done things will change, but I make no promises. All I can say now is that every so often a movie will stun me in such a way that I’ll have no choice but to brush the dust off this site and talk about it. And so it is with Butt Boy, a movie about a man who puts anything and anyone up his own ass.

A rough cop named Russel (Mr. Tyler Rice) goes to an AA meeting where he’s paired up with Chip Gutchell (Tyler Cornack, who is also the writer and director). Things seem fairly normal, but Chip has a dark secret: years ago a prostate exam awakened something in him, driving him to stuff a bar of soap up his ass. Then a remote control. Then a dog. Then a… a baby at the park? Holy shit, dude, what the actual fuck? Years later Chip’s urges are reignited, eventually resulting in the disappearance of a kid at his job. Russel is on the case and… actually pretty quickly figures out that the missing kid is up Chip’s ass. Not that anyone believes him, of course, which leads to a game of cat and mouse between the two. But all this is extra personal for Russel, because that baby I mentioned before? That was Russel’s son! It just makes narrative sense. So Russel is out for blood, which causes Chip to show the true strength of his ass: a suction element with damn near hurricane strength winds. Russel ends up in Chip’s ass, which turns out is akin to another dimension. A shitty one, granted, and yes that pun is absolutely intended. But Russel fights back, especially now that he’s reunited with his son who has spent the last near decade in another man’s cavernous ass.

Just… realizing what I’m writing. This movie sure is something.

Anyway, the movie ends with Russel blowing Chip up from the inside and getting his son to a hospital, becoming an unlikely hero. One covered in blood and shit, but as you do.

The real highlight of this movie–I mean, besides watching a man try to suck another man up his ass to cover his various crimes–is how deadly seriously it takes itself. It’s of course a comedy, but one without obvious jokes. It’s more stuff like the look on the police chief’s face as one of his detectives explains that a missing child is up a man’s ass. Other highlights include the filming and editing, which went above and beyond considering the low budget nature and the… you know, whole ridiculousness of its premise. Cornack and the other filmmakers didn’t have to go as hard as they did, but they damn well went above and beyond.

Maybe that’s why I liked this movie? I assumed a film on Tubi about a man who disappears people up his butt was going to be some lowbrow comedy, but this went well beyond any of my meager expectations. I’m gonna say it! I think Butt Boy was a good movie! Just maybe don’t watch it with Grandma…

And with that, my time in the waking world has come to an end. Back into hibernation I go, until the next time I watch something so good or so bad that I have to let you all know what I think. Here’s hoping it’s soon.

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