The Lost Skeleton Returns Again (2009)

We’re back! Almost a decade after The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, just about everybody returns for The Lost Skeleton Returns Again. And I do mean (just about) everybody: the titular Lost Skeleton survived being thrown off a cliff but is missing his body; the dead evil scientist, Roger Fleming, is replaced by his twin brother, Peter Fleming, who is not evil; and Ranger Brad’s twin brother, Jungle Brad, steps in. They have different last names, of course.

The film begins an indeterminate number of years after the last movie. At least two, because that’s how long Dr. Paul Armstrong has been in the Amazon. After having a rare rock stolen and renamed, he’s become the PG-ish version of a bitter alcoholic. Everybody comes to the Amazon for different reasons, but soon enough the gang’s all here. Most of the protagonists are on the good expedition team, but the aliens Kro-Bar and Lattis have “disguised” themselves once again and are traveling with the villainous troupe. In due time they come to the Valley of the Monsters, and that’s when the movie introduces its biggest status quo change yet: color!

Like the original, I really enjoy this movie. But since this is not a trilogy (a third film had a failed Kickstarter back in 2014), I can pretty safely say that the second isn’t better than the first. Which is nothing against it! The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra is a wonderful movie, so being almost as good as it is still high praise. The return of dead characters through twins is nice, especially since Ranger Brad had such a tiny part in the first film. But there are so many new characters, some of whom are really only there for one scene. What was the point of General Scottmanson or Handscomb Draile? Why, to send various characters out to find the MacGuffin, of course! Although Draile’s one scene is highly enjoyable, causing the word “slowly” to become a meme at Movie Night for a while. All in all, still a very enjoyable comedy.

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