The Gillymuck (2018)

This blog has been on a very, very relaxed schedule due to my job. I’m working a lot now, which doesn’t give me time to watch as many movies as I used to. Throw in that Movie Night is still online only and we watch two films instead of three, and sometimes I struggle to find something to review for the week. In this particular case, I remembered a trailer I saw a while back and decided to check out that movie. So, uh… long story short, it wasn’t a trailer–it was just a very short film. Oops.

A group of young girls are out camping when their… adult supervisor, I guess, tells them the tale of the Gillymuck, a terrifying monster that doesn’t like being made fun of. One of the girls gets picked on so she runs into the woods, where she meets a Muppet. This is of course the Gillymuck, and sure enough the other girls make fun of it for looking weird. Its eyes glow bright white, and then we cut to the adult in the room clearing waking up to screams. She finds the tent empty except for torn up sleeping bags and the picked on girl. But then the girl shows she has glowing white eyes and… is now a monster? And eats the parent, or whoever she is? Odd ending, but sure, why not.

So yeah, that wasn’t a trailer as it turns out; t was the entire short film, coming in at under 5 minutes. I mean, shorts count for this blog, but even I was surprised at how brief the entire thing is. The ending comes so suddenly and just has no explanation. The girl’s possessed now? Or the Gillymuck took on her appearance? And the adult is killed because… reasons, I’m sure. Probably because she snickered when the other girls did their dumb jump scare, but it’s still an odd choice. It’s not bad–especially for something so short–but I wouldn’t really recommend it.

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