Run (2020)

Trailers lie all the time. Sometimes it’s for good reasons, like Avengers: Infinity War hiding how many Infinity Stones Thanos had when he fought Captain America. And sometimes it’s for bad reasons, like Slender Man cutting a bunch of scenes that would explain what the hell was going on while apparently forgetting that they were left in the trailers. Then you have a movie like Run which lies like a fucking pro.

I remember seeing trailers for this back in early 2020 before the world fucking ended. It billed itself as a psychological thriller about a girl with physical disabilities living with her mom (Ms. Sarah Paulson) who is hiding a dark secret. What secret? Well that depends on what you watch. The trailer suggests the mom is lying about who she is, complete with a name change document hidden away that her daughter Chloe finds. But is Chloe a reliable narrator? Is she seeing things because of the medications she’s on?

No, she’s not. All the little moments in the trailer that make it look like she has a detachment from reality never happen. It was all a lie! As was the name change paperwork, which is in the movie was actually… something else, but smart viewers will figure it out pretty easily. Now normally one could argue that the trailer misrepresented the movie, and I could see a case for that. But I for one think it did an amazing job of giving more of a vibe than actual information. It’s a mystery thriller, so obscuring what the actual mystery is about while still setting the tone is a sneaky move that I approve of. Hell, I want more trailer to lie like this! Stop including deleted footage that you wanted to have in, and instead lie about where the movie’s going to keep the audience on their toes!

But wait, you might be asking, what about the summary? Well, I don’t want to spoil this movie, so go check it out yourself. As of writing it’s on Hulu. It’s good! Movie Night seal of approval!

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