Joker’s Poltergeist (2016)

I just don’t understand Joker’s Poltergeist, AKA Joker’s Wild. Arguments could be made for it being pro-gun, anti-gun, and also some weak ass middle ground just “trying to start a discussion.” I’m afraid the answer may be the third option, which makes the movie being obviously inspired by the 2012 Aurora, Colorado theater shooting incredibly distasteful. Like, the main character’s name is Aurora and she survives a shooting in a theater done by people in clown masks. Fuckin’ yikes.

A summary is a little hard, since the movie is so a sloppy mess that made paying attention really hard. A year after surviving a shooting at her father’s theater, Aurora brings survivors of the experience back to the theater so she can retraumatize them because she’s a sociopath. Wait, no, it was actually because she thought it would be a healing exercise, but I like my idea better. The ghosts of the dead shooters and victims–including yet another low energy cameo by Mr. Eric Roberts–manifest and alternate between yelling that people are liars and shanking people while screaming, “YOU SHOULDN’T LIKE GUNS!” There’s something about a lady getting fucked, and in the end it’s revealed that Aurora’s boyfriend was the mastermind behind the attack because… reasons. Everything else was I guess a dream and then he kills himself.

I found this movie twice, which somehow wormed its way into my head and made me think watching it would be a good idea (it wasn’t). The first time was when I watched the subpar American Poltergeist and found out that it had a bunch of “sequels” that were all completely unrelated movies–sometimes coming out before American Poltergeist–that had alternate titles pretending they were sequels. Case in point, Joker’s Poltergeist was sometimes known as American Poltergeist 4: The Curse of the Joker. Sometime later, YouTuber Allison Pregler reviewed A Karate Christmas Miracle, which had scenes from Joker’s Poltergeist spliced in. Why? Best I can tell you is they share a writer, who happened to be one of the guys screaming, “YOU SHOULDN’T LIKE GUNS! YOU SHOULDN’T LIKE GUNS!”

I don’t know what this movie was trying to be. It has no coherent arguments for or against guns, and even if it did, it squandered any good will by being so heavily and clumsily based off a real life tragedy. A hearty “fuck you” to the guy who thought naming the protagonist Aurora was a good move! It’s just bad, made in bad faith, and all around bad taste. The best I can give it is that Eric Roberts at least didn’t sound drunk like a lot of his other 2010’s low energy cameos.

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