PG: Psycho Goreman (2020)

Man, after being disappointed that Fear Street: 1994 wasn’t 10 out of 10 amazing, it’s nice to find something like PG: Psycho Goreman, which is absolutely my jam in just about every way possible. Horror? You’ve got a demonic alien trying to destroy the universe. Black comedy? It’s not going to make sense here, but that was the weightiest “You’re welcome,” in the history of cinema, and it was hilarious. Over the top gore? To an unrealistic degree which wraps back around to enjoyable! Some of the wettest puppets imaginable? Not my particular fetish, but I know this hit the spot for some people.

Psycho Goreman tells the story of a nearly omnipotent alien who almost destroyed the universe, before the totalitarian Templars trapped him for all time. Well, maybe not “all time,” because he’s found by two kids on Earth. He was burried, like, 5 feet underground. But before he can continue his reign of terror the younger child, Mimi, discovers that since she is holding the Gem of Praxidike, she can command him. Wacky hijinks ensue as Mimi is a sociopath and the alien–named Psycho Goreman by Mimi, or PG for short–is an unholy terror who wants to kill everyone around him. Throw in a kids’ metal band, a possible gay awakening, dysfunctional parents, the power of love, and some amazing looking alien/monster costumes–for the budget, but still–and you have a treat of a movie. Not spoiling the ending because you should see it.

PG came to me with a strong start, being recommended by a friend as well as a horror YouTube channel that I try not to copy too much. You know how it is; they recommend some amazing horror movie, so I watch it, but I don’t feel right posting about it immediately because it’d be too obvious that I’m just copying them… In this particular case, I had constantly forgotten that Psycho Goreman existed, in part because I heard about it in the middle of the pandemic when Movie Nights were still on indefinite hold. But they’re back! And we finally watched this movie! And it was really good!

Beyond those recommendations, it’s also written and directed by Mr. Steven Kostanski, the co-writer/co-director of The Void, another horror film I really enjoyed. But where The Void took itself very seriously–or at least as seriously as eldritch abominations from beyond reality taking over a hospital can be–Psycho Goreman leans heavily into the black comedy (a distinction from other horror comedies like the Scary Movie franchise). It’s not quite on the level of something like Wolfcop which was more overtly comedic, but the dad in this (who was not the same actor as in The Endless no matter how similar they look) was also in Another Wolfcop–the sequel–so they’re at least in the same ballpark.

Oh yeah, I’ve been watching a lot of weird movies lately. Wait until I get around to talking about Llamageddon.

I’m not really sure what else to say that doesn’t go too deeply into spoilers. I highly recommend you check out PG: Psycho Goreman. Big thumbs up from Movie Night.

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