WandaVision – Season 1, Episode 3


Another week means another episode of WandaVision, now in color! That’s not just a joke; that’s also the title, “Now in Color.” The uncomfortable strangeness of the show continues, now with a 1970’s The Brady Bunch aesthetic (and a theme song very reminiscent of The Partridge Family). When last we saw our couple, Wanda was suddenly pregnant. Months away from giving birth, right? Well… not quite.

After having a doctor do a house call, we get confirmation that Wanda is quite pregnant and Vision is quite confused. As the doctor leaves to go on vacation, Vision sees his neighbor Herb (he was a member of the neighborhood watch last episode) acting… oddly. But those questions will have to wait, because Wanda’s belly is now bigger than it was minutes ago. Vision realizes something is wrong, but nope! That never happened, just like that beekeeper last episode never happened! Anyway, Vision wants to name the baby Billy but Wanda prefers Tommy. I’m putting a pin in those names. Much sooner than expected contractions start, sending Wanda’s powers out of control. Vision races to find the doctor (whose car “luckily” broke down preventing him from leaving) while “Geraldine” shows up at the hosue. After some wacky antics where Wanda tries to hide her belly and her powers, it’s time for the baby to be delivered. “Geraldine” helps deliver Tommy before the doctor and Vision return, but everyone is surprised when a second baby is birthed. There’s Billy! Vision walks the doctor out, who makes creepy and vague statements that small towns are hard to leave. Vision then sees Herb and Agnes gossiping about “Geraldine,” saying she’s here for… reasons. Nothing suspicious here! As Wanda and “Geraldine” look over the twins, Wanda reveals that she was a twin. Honestly it’s been so long since the movies mentioned Pietro, I almost forgot he was an Avenger for 5 minutes. “Geraldine” remembers that he was killed by Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which infuriates Wanda. By the time Vision walks back in, Wanda calmly says that “Geraldine” had to leave. We then see “Geraldine” forcibly punted out of a television static dome surrounding Westview with an organization–presumably SWORD–scrambling to get her.

This episode’s commercial was for the bath product Hydra Soak with the tagline, “Find the goddess within.” A theory I saw online about these was that the man and woman in them are Wanda’s parents, killed by a Stark mortar shell (referenced by the Starktech toaster in the first episode), and that the repeated references to Hydra suggest these are fragments of Wanda’s traumatic backstory and/or memories she’s repressed. Definitely could happen! Sharing it just in case it turns out to be true.

I’m getting real close to tagging episodes “horror,” but “thriller” continues to work for now. More and more strange things are happening, as if Wanda’s control on the situation is breaking down (assuming Wanda is even in control). “Geraldine” mumbled that she didn’t remember who she is when Wanda questioned her (the subtitles didn’t pick up the last part of it), suggesting that the citizens of Westview are brainwashed, but Herb and Agnes sure did seem like they knew they were trapped. The doctor even more so, making as close to a direct reference as he probably could. Now that “Geraldine”/Monica is on the outside, maybe we can get more information of what SWORD thinks of this situation.

As for the twins, it’s no surprise that there’s comic book background for them. The Vision and the Scarlet Witch was a 12 issue series in 1985 about the couple moving to a small town and trying to lead a normal life, and ended with Wanda giving birth to two boys: Billy and Tommy Maximoff. There it was also a surprise that there were two babies–a bigger deal then because she had a full 9 months instead of hours in the show, and the fact that Dr. Strange didn’t detect the second baby until it was coming out of her, baffling him. But how does a synthezoid impregnate a human? Well, he doesn’t. Wanda used her magic powers to gestate the children. Unfortunately that kind of magic apparently had to come from somewhere, and in 1989 it was revealed that Wanda had inadvertently used the life essence of Mephisto–one of Marvel Comics’ evilest devils–to create the twins. Mephisto reabsorbed the children and the memories of her children were wiped from Wanda’s mind by Agatha Harkness (again, a character many suspect Agnes to be). Vision at the time had been disassembled and reassembled without emotions, so that certainly didn’t help. Remembering her children was a big piece leading to Wanda’s breakdown in Avengers: Disassembled, which involved Wanda killing Agatha (she got better) and Vision (he got rebuilt). How much of this will tie into the show is unknown yet, but we’ll see as more episodes come out!

As for Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd, twins heroes in the comics with the powers of magic and super speed, respectively… that’s an explanation for another time.

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