Moth (2017)

So a friend of mine enjoys a theory about The Blair Witch Project that says there was nothing supernatural in the movie at all; Josh and Mike were faking everything to fuck with Heather. While I can see someone having that galaxy brain take, I’m personally not a fan. Not that I’m opposed to fakeouts like that! It’s just that when a movie intentionally goes for a twist like that it has to be done with care, otherwise you get something shitty like The Turning. Why bring this up when I’m going to be talking about yet another Mothman movie? Well…

Thora is a university teacher who wants to investigate Mothman sightings in Hungary. Okay, so Mothman has been on a sightseeing world tour since the Silver Bridge disaster. Good to know. With her is Adam, a student of her’s. The pair get lost on their way to Hungary… somehow… and end up in a spooky forest. Strange things keep happening, ranging from finding day old tiny graves to seeing a pair of red lights way off in the distance. Mothman eyes? Inconclusive. It all culminates with the pair resting in a house where Adam has a nighttime encounter with what is effectively a LARPer in a shitty cape. Adam gets stabbed and dies, and that’s when we learn the truth. Some flashbacks let us know that this was Thora and some friends were planning on making a found footage movie that Adam was not in on. They all get arrested, by the way. So everything was a lie! Except that Adam’s final words were that he saw something for real, and weird noises right before the credits let us know that this bad movie thought it was clever or something.

Hoo boy this movie is a mess. The main characters are just awful, both in attitude and acting skills. Adam’s actor, Mr. József Gallai, is marginally the better of the two but it became very obvious very quickly that he was the writer/director while Thora’s actress has no other IMDB credits. The whole thing felt like a bad ripoff of The Blair Witch Project, but then the twist makes it a bad ripoff of that theory I talked about in the intro. This movie is just awful.

Look, I’m still upset that The Mothman Curse didn’t have Mothman, but at least that movie had an actual monster! I’d say that the title is a flat out lie, but József is a tricky one! There is indeed a shot of a totally normal moth resting on a wall, so the title Moth was TECHNICALLY accurate. Well done, movie, you’ve lowered my expectations so much that I’ll give you credit for a shot that would otherwise have just been yet another instance of padding. You still suck ass, though.

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