The Mothman Curse (2014)

What’s worse than a Mothman movie with a bad Mothman? A Mothman movie that doesn’t have any Mothman! Yeah, we’re still on America’s second favorite cryptid (I’ll get to you another day, Bigfoot), and today’s movie is just… bad. Astonishingly bad. So bad that I’m skipping a normal recap and just ripping right into the fucker.

The first thing one notices about this film is how awful it looks. After what could be a creepy opening–then again, I have a thing against glowing eyes staring at me in the dark–the entire movie apparently was shot with a handycam in one shakey hand and a flashlight in the other, shining directly into the actors’ eyes. The movie is in black and white with a weird, fuzzy filter over everything, although the pointless flashbacks are in color, maybe shot with a Super 8 (and they kind of look good?). Seriously, early on I started getting motion sickness from this movie. The only time the camera is blissfully still is when it’s obvious that it was placed on a box.

But there’s also the incredibly distracting background music! Every single shot uses the same high tension creepy music, which ruins what were supposed to be creepy scenes. The music’s not adding any extra tension when it’s the same kind you played when one of the leads was drawing a bath! And not even a creepy bath; just a normal task she does while at home.

Then there’s the monster itself. Forgive me for assuming a movie called The Mothman Curse would have fucking Mothman in it. The creature here is a humanoid with no wings and what appears to be a modified pup mask (f you don’t know what that is, I wouldn’t recommend looking too deeply…). And the movie takes place in England, so that’s extra not the West Virginia native cryptid! How do you fuck that up so badly? Why couldn’t you pull some monster from the United Kingdom’s extensive history? Why pick Mothman if you’re not even going to try giving the monster wings, let alone ever suggest that it can fly? Here it’s limited to knocking heavily on doors, staring at you through your kitchen window, and… pushing you down a flight of stairs. That’s it. So dumb.

I could go on! There’s a scene with a homemade Ouija board that goes nowhere. One of the female leads has a boyfriend who is astonishingly useless. There are visions of people screaming while wrapped in a blanket that confuse more than terrify. There’s never a mention of any sort of curse. And on, and on, and on. This is absolutely one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I can’t even recommend watching this with friends, because no joy can be gained from it. It is a blight on this Earth best forgotten.

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