Honeymoon (2014)

I know that one or two of you were expecting an X-Men: First Class review to happen this week, but I need a break from big budget franchises (not stopping Mummy Mondays though, sorry not sorry). Why watch movies that people have actually heard of when I can go back to talking about the weirdest shit no one but me cares about? Gotta stick to my brand! With that out of the way, today I’m talking about a movie I’ve mentioned previously on this blog: Honeymoon.

Newly wed couple Bea (Ms. Rose Leslie, AKA Ygritte from Game of Thrones) and Paul (Harry Treadaway, AKA Victor Frankenstein from Penny Dreadful) are having their titular honeymoon out in the woods. About 95% of the movie is just the two of them, but they’re a cute couple so it works. Everything changes when strange lights appear in the night and Bea is found naked in the woods with no memory of how she got there. Then she starts acting… off. Little things here and there, like forgetting words, claiming strange marks on her legs are bug bites, and attacking her vagina with what appears to be a barbecue fork. What’s really going on? You’ll have to watch it to find out, because I enjoy this movie enough that I don’t want to spoil everything here.

I’m honestly impressed that it was the writing/directing debut of Leigh Janiak, who apparently is helming the upcoming Fear Street trilogy starting with Fear Street: 1994 (I never did post that series talking about how I got into horror, otherwise I’d have a link here). Instead of a Roland Emmerich-esque cast of dozens, she focuses on two people going through some very weird and very rough shit. There are two other people, but really they’re there to show that this isn’t just happening to Bea and Paul; it’s also happening to Annie and Will. But since it was happening to them first, we get a look at what will happen to our main couple. Annie’s comment that Will was “hiding” has a lot more weight after you see how the film ends. And that’s another thing I adore about this movie: so many little moments are included not just to show how Bea and Paul were before everything fell apart, but tie into chilling moments later. It’s just a great film, and I really do recommend you check it out.

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