Dead & Breakfast (2004)

Is this really the first zombie movie I’ve reviewed here? Huh. Makes sense, as it’s not my favorite horror subgenre and I don’t own many zombie movies, but it’s still a bit surprising. But Dead & Breakfast is not just a zombie movie, though! It’s a horror comedy about an undead spirit possessing the inhabitants of a tiny town, trying to murder everyone they come across and adding the bodies to its growing army. There’s also a zombie line dancing sequence. But let’s start at the beginning.

A group of young adults are on their way to a wedding and are horribly lost. They stop at a bed and breakfast just about in the middle of nowhere, run by Mr. David Carradine. Makes sense, as his daughter, Ever Carradine, is one of the main characters. Anyway, a murder in the night and the group is stuck until sheriff Jeffrey Dean Morgan can figure out what happened. Too bad Oz Perkins (you know, the director of Gretel & Hansel and The Blackcoat’s Daughter) gets possessed and starts turning townsfolk into not-quite zombies. Basically zombies. Headshot and you’re done. Some fun moments and a zombie dance number later, the day is saved when Mr. Perkins is killed and the undead are now just dead. Only three have survived–including Ms. Carradine–and the band that has been the Greek chorus (a plot element where characters sing elements of the movie to the audience, just think Disney’s Hercules) in the movie sing us out, recounting the plot of the film.

I think I found this movie through Jeremy Sisto, who dies early enough into the movie that I didn’t bother mentioning him in my recap. I’ve loved him in just about everything he’s been in, from The Movie Hero to Law & Order. Oh yeah, he was a detective for the last three seasons of L&O: Vanilla. Here he’s mostly a prop severed head on Oz Perkin’s hand, used for a couple comedic bits, so I felt his talents were a bit wasted. Regardless, this is a fun, goofy horror movie that may be my favorite zombie horror/comedy. I’ll have to rewatch The Mad to verify, though.

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