Liza the Fox-Fairy (2015)

I’ve only ever seen one Wes Anderson movie (Rushmore, in case you were wondering). I’m not actively avoiding the filmmaker, but I just haven’t taken the time to watch a lot of his movies. But I do get the “Wes Anderson aesthetic” (or at least the version of it that has spawned a thousand memes)! So I will say that Liza, a rókatündér, AKA Liza the Fox-Fairy, is a Hungarian Wes Anderson movie. Just with a murderous lounge ghost.

Liza is a shy Hungarian woman who has just turned 30 and is looking for true love. Her best friend is the ghost of a Japanese lounge singer, who she believes is her imaginary friend. Like you do. Her problem is that all of her potential romantic partners end up dying, and eventually even people who just look at her croak. She believes it’s because she’s a fox-fairy–I think the word “kitsune” is said maybe once–a cursed creature doomed to have all her partners die. But the real culprit is the ghost who wants to drive her to suicide so they can be together forever. Along for the ride is a manslut Liza pines for and a detective who may be the clumsiest person in the world. And I won’t spoil the ending (you can watch it on Tubi for free), but the movie ends with those who survive singing along to Loituma’s “Ievan Polkka.” You know that song, right? No? Leek spin? Vibing cat? Anyway, it’s a weird movie.

Well, “weird” might not be the right word… It’s quirky. A solid black comedy, leaning into how a woman trying to find love would have some problems with all these dead bodies piling up in her house. Not literally, mind you, but she does start collecting a number of tape body outlines. But it’s also a cute movie. Despite being a suspect in several murders, Liza is adorably awkward. Reading an issue of Cosmopolitan, Liza makes a sexy dress to wear on a date–just ignore that there are two dress-shaped holes in her curtains. Quirky cute without going the route of manic pixie dream girl. If the thought of subtitles doesn’t put you off, I highly recommend checking it out.

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