Bahum Bug 2 (2020)

I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t like Bahum Bug. I thought it was lazy, bad, boring, and looked cheap. Also the ending had Bahum Bug repent his evil ways, so what was left for a sequel? I expected some shenanigans like his cousin comes and causes trouble, but oh no. No no no. Bahum Bug 2 decided to be lazier. And worse. Even more boring, and somehow cheaper.

Did you read the post about the first film? Doesn’t matter–this film acts like there never was a first one, except when it comes to stealing scenes. That’s right, dear reader! Some scenes from Bahum Bug are straight up reused in this shoddy “sequel,” just with different voice acting. The entire opening is seemingly just reused footage, so imagine my surprise when new characters got added. So many new characters, and none of them matter.

Bahum Bug is told by a tree to destroy Christmas, so he hires an evil owl to gather an army while he disappears until the very end of the film. The film’s mostly the owl gathering troops like… a mummy? And a mouse that sniffs a lot? And Krampus, who is just a talking boar. But Krampus decides to play Bahum Bug and Santa’s forces against each other, until he wusses out. Then we find out the tree is “hard of hearing,” so the actual message he was supposed to give was for Bug to repent his evil ways. Bahum doesn’t and they drop hints that there may be a Bahum Bug 3. God have mercy on us all if that happens.

Santa and his allies do nothing. The forces of evil fall apart without them lifting a finger, so everything they do is pointless. I don’t care about the penguins, I don’t care about the magic crystal that can save Christmas (that looks suspiciously like the crystals in the Cave of Crystal Snowflakes), and I especially don’t care about that shitty little elf with the obnoxious voice; I swear it’s worse than last time. The only thing that half-way matters is that Santa was given a completely new 3D model, and it’s somehow uglier than the haunted doll face from the first film!

Bahum Bug 2 is worse than its predecessor on every level. I’m honestly surprised that this has the same writer and director, because it feels like something made after the original version of the film got lost. Like, if Foodfight!‘s lost cut was found, so the film we know–the one they made after the disappearance–became a stand alone sequel. It’s just awful in every way, and I hated it so much. Merry fucking Christmas.

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