She-Ra and the Princesses of Power – Season 3, Episodes 1-6

Season 2 of She-Ra walked so season 3 could run. Sure, not every episode needs to be plot heavy, but this is the point where things really start ramping up. And after watching these six episodes, we’re now halfway through the series! Woo!

Starting immediately after the last season, Shadow Weaver is captured by the Resistance and reveals a lot: Adora is a First One that came through a portal, Hordak wants to bring the full might of the Horde to Etheria through a new portal, and that she wants to help defeat him. Traveling to the Crimson Waste for information on Mara, the Super Best Friend squad finds her crashed spaceship and learns that she sent Etheria into another dimension to save lives, and that opening a portal would be catastrophic. Too bad an exiled Catra (and the ever loyal and lovely Scorpia) are there to capture Adora and the Sword. Glimmer and Bow try to get Queen Angella to help them stop the portal from opening, but she refuses. By this point even Entrapa realizes the portal is dangerous, but Catra knocks her out, having decided everyone dying is better than Adora winning. The portal opens and everything goes white…

You’d think the season would end there, but nope! We still have 2 more episodes! Adora wakes up in a world where she never left the Horde, realizing something is wrong. And by “something,” I mean “everything.” Reality starts breaking down, taking out the Fright Zone and scarring Catra. Adora reaches Bright Moon and gets the help of Bow and Glimmer, who also realize things aren’t as they should be. But reality keeps getting destroyed, and soon it’s down to Adora and a deranged Catra. But Queen Angella is also there, and she’s done being a coward! She sacrifices herself to stop the destruction. The day is saved, but at a horrible cost. Oh, and Horde Prime, the man who Hordak is a flawed clone of, picked up the portal’s energy and is now looking towards Etheria. Or where Etheria would be, since it’s still in another dimension.

So the good: Scorpia continues to be the best and is horrified at Catra for stabbing Entrapta in the back (figuratively, it was a taser). This sets up a character who is all about friendship wondering what happens when a friend goes too far. We get to see more of Mara, learning that she wasn’t the madwoman Light Hope made her out to be and that she sacrificed everything to save… well, everyone. We also address that Glimmer has a talent for magic passed down from her dad, and now in addition to princess magic she’s starting to explore actual magic. The “perfect world” was a great two episode ending where anything could happen. Hell, we even get the suggestion that King Micah, Glimmer’s dad, may still be alive! She’s currently down a parent, so that would be nice!

Oh, and Geena Davis shows up to voice Huntara, a big, buff, lavender orc. Good to know she’s still doing stuff!

But with the good comes the bad: this is the last time I like Catra until the final season. You’d think betraying Entrapta and trying to destroy reality would be her rock bottom, but trust me, she has further down to go. I’m also conflicted on the show trying to humanize Hordak. He’s been an evil warlord for years, but now that he has a best friend we’re not supposed to hate him? He even cries when Catra lies and says Entrapa betrays him! I don’t buy it, and having watched the whole series I don’t think he earned any real kind of redemption.

I honestly thought that the series would end right before reality got broken, kind of like how The Flash had the Flashpoint universe as the next season’s premiere, but I really do like this way much better. These six episodes are a wild ride, taking our heroes to places they never thought they’d go. And it only gets crazier from here on out!

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