She-Ra and the Princesses of Power – Season 2, Episodes 1-7

Welcome back to me talking way too much about She-Ra and the Princesses of Power! Today I’m focusing on season 2, which will be a shorter post than yesterday’s. Season 2 is only seven episodes, while season 3 is six; together that adds up to 13, the same number of episodes as seasons 1, 4, and 5. Maybe there were production issues that delayed the second half of the season? The world may never know, because I couldn’t find any reason for it. Anyway, off we go!

Triumphant after defeating the Horde, the Princess Alliance get to know one another. They discover quickly that not only is Entrapta alive, but she’s improving the Horde’s army of robots! While the wayward princess starts to grow friendly with Lord Hordak, Catra gloats about her promotion and the imprisonment of Shadow Weaver. But a moment of kindness from Catra allows Shadow Weaver to escape, furthering the catgirl’s inferiority complex and incurring Hordak’s wrath. And we end with Shadow Weaver looming over a sleeping Adora!

It’s a little hard to get a good feel for the season, as it’s so short. I often think of seasons 2 and 3 as one whole season with barely an interruption now that everything just flows into the next episode. But in doing “a season a day,” I had to stop before things really got good.

Not to say that season 2 is bad! We get more of Scorpia, my favorite for this 13 episode chunk. By this point Entrapta’s social awkwardness starts to become a liability. Like, sure, the Horde can be friendly and they have better tech, but we the audience know that her improved robots could have lethal consequences for her former friends! Not that anyone really dies on a kids show, but still; the point is that she’s doing bad things for a bad guy, and–spoilers for season 3–reality almost ends because of her, last minute change of heart aside.

Where was I again? Scorpia, right! I love this giant woman. One of the kindest characters in the show, she’s mostly with the Horde due to propaganda saying that the other princesses would never accept her and that her family’s kingdom was taken over by the Horde. But she’s a delight and would have stayed my favorite throughout the entire series were it not for a couple amazing new additions along the way.

As for the rest of the cast, Lord Hordak is a character now! Ruthless in his goal of dominating Etheria, the important moments this time around are the hints that he’s from another world and that he starts to become friendly towards Entrapa, annoying Catra. She gets some good development when her kindness towards Shadow Weaver backfires, leading to Lord Hordak furious that he caught her in a lie. It’s a long road to rock bottom, but Catra insists on going down it. On the heroic side, we actually learn things about Bow in the season finale! He has two dads, twelve older siblings we never see, and doesn’t want to grow up to be a scholar. Shadow Weaver gets a flashback episode showing that she’s always been scheming, but that episode also lets us see for the first time Glimmer’s dad, Micah. Sure, he’s just a kid and alive, but still!

As for the overarching mysteries, we get a bit more on the First Ones (they are more like today’s humans than we had thought). But all the real plot heavy stuff comes next season, or what would have been the latter half of this if the release schedule wasn’t so wonky.

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