Scream 2 (1997)

Man, it sure sucks to be Sidney Prescott. If it wasn’t bad enough that her boyfriend tried to kill her–spoilers for the first Scream, I guess, even though I have no idea why you would read this post if you didn’t know the events of the first film–but her life continues to be a nightmare over the next several sequels. The girl just can’t catch a break! And so we continue the franchise with Scream 2, a sequel with some parts much better than the original, but overall just not as up to snuff. It was fine, is what I’m saying.

Two years after the first movie, Sidney is trying to live her life at college while doing her best to ignore that people are taking her tragedy and turning it into a movie called Stab. Like, you made a horror movie not only based on real events–or as real as they were in the movie’s universe–but just a few years after it happened? Morbid, but moving on. A new killer appears, ready to finish what Billy didn’t. The suspects are the people around Sidney once again: her boyfriend Derek (Mr. Jerry O’Connell), roommate Hallie (Elise Neal), friend Mickey (Timothy Olyphant), and Randy who survived the last movie. Oops, nope, he’s dead, never mind. In the end it’s revealed to be Derek, Hallie, and a third person I’ll get to eventually. Cotton Weary saves Sidney, but gets fed up with her over the whole “you accused me of murder” thing and then goes after Sidney. Total downer.

Except… not. The exact truth is a bit nebulous, but the story is that ending was part of a script that got leaked. Whether it was the original ending that had to be changed or was always a fake out meant to keep people on their toes, the jury is out. But Derek and Hallie in the actual movie were innocent victims, and Mickey was the killer along with the true mastermind… Debbie Salt (Laurie Metcalf)! Or as Sidney knows her, Billy Loomis’ mom, seeking revenge for her dead son. She was the mastermind in both versions, which works because Metcalf has some amazing crazy eyes at the end. Great performance, top notch. Cotton helps out, Mickey and Mrs. Loomis die, and Sidney has new things to share with her therapist. Man, I really hope she has one…

Oh, and Courteney Cox and David Arquette were there again. They even sometimes helped!

There’s something seriously wrong with people in the Scream universe, or at least enough of them that they become serial killers for no real reason at all. Stu in the first film went along with Billy because [citation needed], and here Mickey was all about the thought of the publicity that comes with a trial where he would say he was inspired by horror movies. I don’t remember the next two movies as well, but I won’t be super surprised if there’s one competent killer while the other is a fucking space case.

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