Last Ferry (2019)

I’m starting this post with an aside. I live in in the Pacific Northwest in part due to its moderate weather. Well, it’s supposed to be 100° the day I’m writing this, and we’re on track for 110° on Monday, the day this goes live. So, uh, if I suddenly stop posting, it’s because I died of heat stroke.

So anyway, today’s movie is Last Ferry, a gay murder… mystery, I suppose, although we figure out who the murderer is pretty quickly. Joseph is an awkward lawyer who goes to Fire Island looking for a gay hookup, but instead he gets drugged and mugged. While almost incapacitated, he sees a murder with the body being disposed of in the water. Hm… sorry, got some déjà vu out of nowhere. Anyway, Joseph gets help from Cameron, a super nice guy who starts to develop feelings for Joseph–and the feelings are mutual. But Cameron’s childhood friend is Rafael, who just went through a bad breakup, and by “bad breakup” I mean “he’s totally the murderer.” But oh no, Cameron knew about it and is an accomplice! Rafael eventually figures out that Joseph saw the body disposal, right as Joseph realizes that what he saw was an actual murder. Joseph gets nabbed, but Cameron is torn between his best friend and murder on top of another murder being bad. But that ends up being moot as he drunkenly hits his head and falls into his pool, dying. Joseph escapes, but Rafael now thinks his best friend was murdered. The film ends with Joseph standing in the middle of a bridge, torn between fleeing, or fighting back. Ambiguous ending… gay murder mystery… Oh! I know why this sounds familiar! It’s L’Inconnu du lac!

Flashback to November, L’Inconnu du lac is a French film about a gay man who goes to a cruising beach and witnesses a murder. The main difference is that Franck fell for the actual murderer while in Last Ferry, Cameron’s involvement in the crime is a bit of a twist. That, and things actually happened in this film. The drama was a little much at times and Joseph is a stiff “no kink at Pride” sort of guy, but I felt sad when Cameron was at a crossroads of what to do, so I enjoyed this more than L’Inconnu du lac.

I’d say more, but I think my brain has melted? Ideally see y’all Wednesday.

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