WandaVision – Season 1, Episode 9


It’s been a little under two months since WandaVision started, and everything has been leading to this. Who lives? Who dies? And are there any indications that there may be a second season? It’s public knowledge that this episode is titled “The Series Finale,” so probably a “no” on that last question. But let’s discuss what happened, and what it all means for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Picking right up where episode 8 ended, Wanda is denying she’s a witch–let alone the fabled Scarlet Witch–while confronting Agatha. But, girl, last episode Agatha’s runes negated your powers, and she absorbs all the blasts you send at her like she absorbed the magic of her coven. You might be a witch. White Vision shows up and for a moment Wanda thinks her love is truly alive again, but he tries to crush her head. Her Vision shows up and fights his doppelganger… or is he the doppelganger? Meanwhile, Monica is held captive by fake Pietro, and James Woo has been captured by Hayward. So things aren’t looking so good. But the tables turn when Woo grabs a cell phone when no one was looking and calls for FBI backup, Monica uses her new powers to break Agatha’s control on fake Pietro (real name Ralph, which was the name of “Agnes'” unseen husband, so in the end casting Evan Peters was just to fuck with us), and the two Visions get into a discussion of the Ship of Theseus thought experiment. The main point is if you take a ship and over time replace every part of it, is it still the same ship? Neither of them are the real Vision, and yet they both are are, in different ways. White Vision realizes his memories are being held back in order to make him a better weapon, so Wanda’s Vision unlocks those for him. White Vision flies away, most likely to be seen in a future show or movie. But the Wanda/Agatha fight isn’t going so well, with Agatha stealing Wanda’s lifeforce every time the Scarlet Witch throws magic at her. Goaded on, Wanda starts to dissolve the Hex, but in doing so she also starts to dissolve her husband and children. Agatha explains that they’re tied to this place and only exist as long as it does. Hayward makes his move to kill Wanda, but his soldiers are taken out by Billy and Tommy, and Monica shows up just in time to take a bullet for the boys. But she’s okay! Thanks to her new energy powers, the bullets phase through her and lose all kinetic energy. Oh, and Hayward is pinned by Darcy driving a circus truck into his car. “Have fun in prison!” Oh Darcy, I adore you.

Deciding to change things up, Wanda uses the same mind powers she used on Iron Man in Avengers: Age of Ultron on Agatha, taking the elder witch back to the night she killed her coven. It looks effective but the zombie witches turn on Wanda, identifying her as the Scarlet Witch and a harbinger of Chaos Magic. So yeah, she is indeed magical. Back in reality, the two have a flying fight but Wanda’s blasts hit Agatha only half the time, and those that do connect are just absorbed by the evil witch. Agatha drains Wanda of her magic, and then casts the killing blow of… nothing. A revived Wanda reveals that she has learned from Agatha, and the energy blasts that missed actually created runes on the walls of the Hex that bind Agatha’s powers. Wanda has accepted her role as the Scarlet Witch, and gets a pretty cool costume out it (implying that Wanda saw herself in the Mind Stone last episode). Defeated, Wanda traps Agatha in the persona of Agnes for… possibly ever, or at least until Marvel Studios wants Kathryn Hahn back. Wanda begins to retract the Hex, which means this isn’t going to have a happy ending. She and her Vision tuck the boys into bed, and the couple shares a loving moment before the Hex ceases to be, putting Wanda right back at the plot of land where everything started, alone. She bids farewell to Monica and then flies off.

Did you stay during the credits? Cause this episode had two extra scenes! The mid-credits scene has Monica meeting a skrull–the alien shapeshifters from Captain Marvel–informing the new hero that “an old friend of your mother’s” wants to meet with Monica up in space. We don’t see Nick Fury, but his presence is felt. Then in the post-credits scene, we see Wanda living quietly in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. But that appears to be an illusion as she’s actually pouring over the Darkhold, an evil tome that Agatha had (that is serious bad news in the comics). Wanda hears her sons cry for her help, suggesting… I’m not quite sure, actually. They ceased to be along with the Hex, but with Chaos Magic on your side, what can’t you do?

What a finale! I was kind of hoping for a Captain Marvel or Doctor Strange cameo, but that was wishful thinking more than anything. Most of the big questions got answered, but we got a tragic end to the Vision we know as well as the twins. But the end is never really the end, and we have several plot threads ready for future movies and/or shows to pick up! There’s a white Vision out there with all the memories of the original, so what’s he going to do? If he doesn’t have the emotional connections the original Vision had, we could get something like the synthezoid family he created in The Vision series. Spoiler, it ended very, very poorly. Will Monica figure out her powers by the time The Marvels (AKA Captain Marvel 2) comes out in late 2022? And are Wanda’s children really gone? Using the comics as a road map, the answer is… sort of? Not really? In the episode 3 writeup I talked about the storyline where Wanda’s children were revealed to not be real and ceased to be, and in episode 6 I talked about how her kids got reincarnated years later and became teenaged superheroes. I doubt the movies will go that route, mostly because it would be a decade before we see Tommy and Billy old enough to have powers. But Wanda is set to return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so we could get anything from Wanda searching through alternate realities for her children (much like Kingpin in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), or maybe the act of recreating her children via Chaos Magic breaks some laws of reality that really shouldn’t be broken. I suppose we’ll find out more in… a year from now? Ugggh… FINE. I’ll wait, but don’t expect me to be patient.

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