Were the World Mine (2008)

There’s a trend of gay movies being rather dark and ending with the queer protagonist (or someone they love) dying. Soldier’s Girl, Brokeback Mountain, the list goes on. And I just… can we not? Life as a queer person is already rough enough without having to sit through “tragedy porn” in order to see some representation. Give me more gay romantic comedies! Or gay love stories that DON’T involve someone dying in an attempt to tug at my heartstrings and/or win awards!

Enter Were the World Mine, a tale of Timothy, a gay boy going to a prep school. He fantasizes about Jonathon; unfortunately, Jonathon has a girlfriend. Timothy is teased, roughed up, and just from that it sounds like it might end with his friends and family sobbing at his funeral, crying, “Why is society so mean to those who are different?!”

But no! Instead, his English and/or drama teacher casts him as Puck in the school play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Timothy then creates the mischievous flower from the play and proceeds to gay things up. Jonathon is now madly in love with him! The bullies are making out with each other! The gym teacher is in love with the principal, but in a small twist that amused the hell out of me, he prioritizes teaching the students over fawning after him. I mean, he does have a job to do. The flower doesn’t just make people fall in love with the first person they see, but seems to make them actually gay, along with several gay mannerisms/stereotypes. But chaos inevitably ensues, as not everyone is receptive to a same sex crush. It almost feels like the plot is based off something famous…

Dubious consent aside (I don’t believe anyone fucks while under the influence), this movie is fun. There are several song and dance numbers, mostly in the mind of Timothy, and they’re amazingly gay. And it has a happy ending! It’s all thanks to the drama teacher, who may or may not be some kind of eldritch fae creature, here to spread love, chaos, and Shakespeare. Like you do.

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