Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

Howdy folks! How are things? Life going okay? That’s a trick question as we live in the darkest timeline, but still the general gist is there.

So back in January I got burned out. The gist is I’m working almost every day, and making sure I had four posts a week–three movies and one TV show–started to feel like a chore rather than a fun hobby. So I took a hiatus and… okay, I didn’t really recharge all that much, but I’ve had a recent burst of energy and want to hop back onto the blog.

Not everything’s going to be the same as it was, though. 4 posts a week is still pretty daunting right now, so the idea at the moment is I’ll have talk about a movie every Friday. I might have another movie to talk about on Wednesday, but that won’t always be a guarantee–there will be a Wednesday post tomorrow, though. And Saturday TV shows are going to be real sporadic with no set schedule; sorry for the two people wanting to hear my thoughts on Moon Knight, but it is on the to-do list.

So what can you expect this week? Superhero bullshit that bleeds into horror movies, naturally. It’s practically my entire brand, so I kind of have to. And then next week expect some really, really bad movies to get touched on, and then from there it’s anyone’s guess. So see y’all Wednesday, and hope I didn’t completely destroy my audience by taking a 4 month break!

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