Indefinite Hiatus

I never wanted to make this post, but here we are.

I’ve been running this blog for a little over two years now, and my spreadsheet says that has totaled to 438 posts. This has gone on longer than any of my usual flights of fancy, but there was also a thought in the back of my head that this wouldn’t last forever.

So back around Thanksgiving, I was feeling kind of burned out and took a week off of reviews with the intent of recharging myself. That never happened. I mean, I did take a week off, but I didn’t feel refreshed at all, and I’m pretty sure the break in momentum caused views to go down across the board. And since then things have not improved. I feel like I’m forcing myself to write posts every week, running closer and closer to the deadline, and lately even going past it by a small amount. Something’s got to give.

And so it’s with a heavy heart that I’m announcing an indefinite hiatus from the blog. I’m not saying I’m done with this forever–up until recently, I really, really loved doing all this–but I just don’t know when/if I’ll pick it back up.

One last shameless plug before I go. If you want to be notified when/if I return, you can subscribe on the home page and you’ll get an e-mail the next time a post goes up. It’s got an unsubscribe function in the e-mail as well, so your worst case scenarios are either you never get a notification message, or you get messages you can easily opt out of.

Stay safe out here, and hope to see you all later.

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One thought on “Indefinite Hiatus

  1. So sad that the joy has run so low. Your writing is invigorating and I will miss your insights.
    First be well. Then be happy. Then…maybe…just maybe…some upcoming movie will call you back.
    Thanks for it all…so far

    A BIG fan.


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