Now (Well, Soon) with TV Shows

Once upon a time the front page of this blog said I just made “movie reviews.” It got changed to “reviews” when I felt the urge to watch all 5 seasons of She-Ra and the Princess of Power in a week. And sure, there’s the occasional documentary or a short film produced by KFC or whatever, but I haven’t talked about any other TV shows (or streaming series, or what have you) since then.

Well that’s going to change! Starting next week, every Saturday I’ll be talking about one or more episodes of a TV show! The goal is to focus on one season of a particular show at a time, and most likely changing gears to something different to avoid burnout from watching 10 seasons of something non-stop. There will be exceptions where I interrupt one series to talk about another, but those kinds of crossovers or whatnot are way out in the future.

But why not start now? Why wait until next week? I initially held off because any extra posts would ruin the syzygy of my 200th post occurring on the 1 year anniversary of my first review, but now it’s because the show I want to start with doesn’t premiere until next week. That’s right, I’m going to be talking about UFO Witness, a show on the Travel Channel that I can find next to no information on! I think the host is Jennie Zeidman, and probably not the one whose obituary is the first thing you see when you google that name. Most likely the one who appeared in a 1994 episode of Sightings.

Or, you know, WandaVision. One or the other. You’ll see which next week!

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