A Small Break

Hey, Chwineka here, not as a reviewer but as a person. So one of the things I’m especially proud of about this blog is that I have never missed an update. I’ve been consistent during event months, when I update every weekday, and even when I’m sick. Every post has gone up when they were supposed to (or in the case of plans falling through, something else was still posted). While I’d love to say this was all due to dedication and hard work, really it was me understanding my limits.

Well folks, I’ve hit my limit. Today was supposed to be when I talked about the third arc for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, AKA When They Cry, but I don’t have it ready. MCU March and the new Disney+ shows have me stretched to an uncomfortable degree, unable to take more than a day or two off at a time in order to keep up the schedule. Throw in the amount of time I’ve been spending to the utterly pointless Comic Book Fun Facts–seriously, each one is at least an hour of reading comics and sorting through wikis–AND that I basically do the same thing for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier posts, AND real life obligations, and I just need a break. I’m so close to completing MCU March and I feel the Winter Falcon episodes are important enough to post on time, so that means I’m skipping Higurashi this week. Expect it back next week when I don’t have so much going on, but right now I got nothing for ya but this. My bad. The lesson has been learned and I’ll avoid posting every single day without a break from now on.

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