Reviews in the Time of Coronavirus

So… uh… how’s everybody doing out there?

The world is kind of fucking batshit right now. My state has declared a stay-at-home order, my job is extremely non-essential and has closed for the time being, this is the longest break from Movie Night we’ve ever had in the decade-plus we’ve been having it, and my game night has been indefinitely postponed. So I got a lot of time on my hands. Time I’d rather not spend on reading the never-ending trashfire that is the news (2020 in a nutshell).

So what does that mean? It means that I’m going to continue to do weekdaily updates for longer than just March Madness! It’s a pace I can’t keep up while I’m also working, but I have no idea when I’ll be back at work, so for the time being let’s do this!

(it certainly doesn’t hurt that updating every weekday is also a way that I can keep track of what day it is)

I still have lots of movies in my personal collection to go through, so expect regular updates for the foreseeable future. Mummy Mondays are still on hold, but I’ll have a mummy-adjacent movie every Monday to make up for it (spoiler for tomorrow’s post: I fucking haaaaated it). Anyway, thanks for sticking around during these trying times, I hope you stay safe and healthy, and stay tuned for more reviews!

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