Mid-March Madness Update

Hey gang! Chwineka here, and we are about halfway through March Madness! I haven’t missed a weekday update yet, and on just about any other month I could probably keep this up pretty consistently! But March isn’t just “any other month.” Oh no.

Long story short, as of writing this post I have been in quarantine over the COVID-19/coronavirus for a full week, not leaving my house for any reason, spending most of my time in 3 rooms (bedroom, bathroom, and computer room), and taking a week off of work. And while I was not personally tested for the coronavirus, for a good chunk of that time I was pretty sick. Despite too much free time on my hands, updates have been a bit rushed as my life schedule has been shaken to shit. 2020 has been one hell of a year…

I’m feeling better now, and things are on track for me to get back into a normal routine in a few days, but part of quarantine meant that not only could I not catch any new releases (not that there are many coming out soon; for example, No Time to Die has been pushed back to November while F9 is now releasing in 2021), but that also means that I haven’t participated in my friends’ weekly Movie Night. That’s where we’ve been watching all The Mummy movies, so there won’t be a Mummy Monday update tomorrow. I know how broken up you all are, as those are consistently my highest viewed posts (he lied). Anyway, I’m hoping things will be back on track for next week, but we shall see.

In other news, WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!!! And stay safe. See you with a Mummy-adjacent movie tomorrow, and a review every weekday this month!

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